How You Can Boost Sales on Your Professional Website

Running your own business can be tough. For someone who’s just starting out, attracting those first clients is probably the most difficult task. You’ve built your website, you’ve tweaked it to perfection, and… *crickets.* Why is there no interest? It may be because your website isn’t optimised for action. Here are some tips on how you can optimise your website for generating leads and making sales!


Use live chat software to increase engagement on your website

People want immediacy. They want answers now. Proactive live chat allows visitors to ask questions about your services in real-time and get the answers they need to feel confident in going ahead with a purchase. It helps you to build a connection with your potential customers right from the start and you can use chat to make them feel positive about your services and expertise. Because of this, proactive live chat been shown to increase customer loyalty and increase sales on a website by as much as 300%.


Have an obvious call to action

A call to action refers to the desired action you want your website visitors to take. Perhaps this is a button they need to click or a form they need to fill in. Let’s say you’re an accountant who wants people to book you for a consultation. A large button on your homepage saying “book consultation now” would make it obvious to the visitor that that’s the next step. If it’s not obvious, people are less likely to go through with that desired action.


Drive traffic to your website

You could have the best website in the world, but if no one knows it exists, it’s not going to make you any income. Getting people onto your website does, unfortunately, take work. Probably the most effective way of getting traffic quickly to your website is by paid advertising – you can use sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to target ads to the audience you want however its a very expensive strategy and stops working as soon as you turn your ads off or run out of budget.

The most effective long term strategy of getting a regular flow and increasing your website visitors is by having a professional SEO service. A good SEO company will ensure you are found by more of your target audience. SEO does, however, take at least 3-6 months before it will start having an impact and is a long term strategy. You should budget for at least 6-12 months of SEO to ensure you stay on the first page of Google and other search engines. A lot of new businesses, in particular, hate to spend money on their marketing, but it really is essential if you want to get paying customers onto your website.


Create sales funnels that convert

What is a sales funnel, you may ask? It’s essentially the buying process – the journey potential customers take on their way to buy. Businesses may start with a lot of potential customers who are aware of their brand or company. Some of that group will be interested in the product, and then a smaller group will actually go ahead with a purchase. Your job is to ensure as few people as possible get lost during this journey. Make it easy for them to complete the sales process by ensuring all questions are answered and proving that you can solve their problems.


Build trust through informative, helpful content

People are generally less inclined to buy from companies they’ve never heard of. Your job, therefore, is to build trust in your potential customers by proving that you are the real deal. A good idea is to have a blog on your website where you post helpful and informative content on a regular basis. This way, you can be seen as an authority in your field who has the exact solutions to the problems your target customers have.