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Looking to top Google search results and cut down on ad spend? You've come to the right place. Handlr SEO offers industry-leading SEO services designed for businesses wanting to outperform competitors without hefty advertising costs.

With our expert on-page SEO and quality back linking strategies, we specialise in organic growth that drives high-quality, targeted traffic right to your website.

We specialise in optimising websites for companies based in United States, United Kingdom, the UAE, Australia and Canada.

Elevate with Handlr SEO

Real, Quality Backlinks

The truth is, SEO just takes time. We only use genuine "white hat" methods, which means we get you the best and most relevant links. Real people from our global expertly crafted team will reach out and place these links, ensuring quality every time.

Complete SEO & On-Page Fixes

We handle everything! From getting your site set up just right, to giving advice on what content to add. Plus, if you use WordPress, we'll even put our suggestions into action for you and keep you updated with reports when its the right time.

Clear 24/7 Updates & Expert Team

Peek at your progress anytime with our always-available dashboard. See how you're doing and get advice straight from our top-class, global team. They use fancy tools and have loads of contacts to get you the best links.

Direct Help & Genuine Guarantees

Every client gets a special person from our team to chat with anytime. Plus, in the unlikely event we don't boost your performance in the first 3 months, there's a 100% money-back guarantee. It's so unlikely its never happened yet!

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Our SEO Roadmap


Deep Dive & Analysis

We start by understanding your business, goals, and competitors. Our team then employs advanced tools and strategies to analyse your current website's performance and potential growth areas.


Strategise & Implement

Based on our findings, we craft a bespoke SEO strategy, prioritising actions that yield maximum impact. From on-page optimisations to back linking, we ensure every move aligns with your objectives.


Monitor, Refine & Report

SEO isn't a set-and-forget task. We continually monitor your website's performance, tweaking strategies as needed. Our transparent reporting keeps you in the loop, showcasing the tangible results of our efforts.

90 days

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Handlr SEO 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you've paid for a full year upfront, here's our commitment:

We'll put in the effort to raise your website's rank. To get your website ranking, it could easily take 12-18 months or more provided you have the right SEO budget in place. That's just the truth.

We don't want to hold our clients to ransom citing a contract. So, if none of your keywords go up by at least 10 places on Google within the first 3 months, just email us within 7 days after the 3 months to cancel. We'll refund your money.

What about all the improvements we made? They're yours to keep, no matter what.

Climb Google Ranks: From Local Heroes to Global Leaders

Professional SEO PLAN

Local SEO for Community Dominance:
Ideal for businesses that want to shine locally. The Pro plan targets 10 critical keywords and phrases to ensure you stand out in your community and become the go-to choice for local customers.

Enterprise SEO PLAN

Broadening Horizons for Local to National Brands:
Perfect for brands ready to expand beyond local boundaries or national brands patient with their growth journey. With a focus on 25 key terms, we lay the groundwork for broader visibility, ensuring steady growth.

Corporate SEO PLAN

National Mastery for Expansive Brands:
Tailored for established national companies, the Corporate plan leverages up to 50 keywords and key phrases to consolidate and expand your digital footprint across the country, placing you at the forefront of your industry.

Corporate Plus SEO PLAN

Unrivalled Excellence for Global Ambitions:
Our premium fixed price package for brands with national or international aspirations. We'll spend considerably more on high authority and relevant backlinks. Targeting up to 75+ or more as required, Corporate Plus is scalable with larger budgets to cater to your brand's ever-growing demands, ensuring prominence on a grand stage.


James Rand

It was a complicated project from the start with lots of variations on different products to take my business into the E-Commerce world... but nothing was too much trouble for Aaron and his team at Handlr. So far the website and SEO work has more than paid for itself and during the most recent non essential retail lockdown has really given me another dimension to my business that I didn't think was possible. Would definitely recommend to others.


I am happy with the service provided to me by Handlr SEO. I have them doing my SEO and google ads work. Safe to say they have lived up to initial expectations. Sarah is a real credit to the team and obviously wants the best for her clients. I would highly recommend HandlrSeo.

Elyse Kapoor

The service I received was fantastic and the team was very helpful and answered any questions I had.

Tailored SEO Plans for Every Ambition on Google

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